MADECO S.A.S is a Colombian company, located at the coffee region. The company promotes not only the production of excellent wooden products to be used in the agroindustrial, and commercial sector, but also, is a generator of employment in the region, conscious of the vital importance of the human factor in our commercial and social development.

For more than 10 years of commercial production, MADECO S.A.S, has been recognized for developing wooden products of excellent quality, meeting the highest standards of international markets.
pallets and handles for agricultural tools are commercialized not only in the region but also in the other countries such as Venezuela, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru, Curacao and Spain.


Today after 3 months of confinement as a result of the Covid-19 and with a lot of time to study and think about what to transform ourselves and how to do it, we have devised and developed a new product with cultivated woods, thinking about the Colombian countryside, our peasant and his irreplaceable importance of their work, in being able to reach Him with a decent housing solution. We have developed the “Casas Dignas Campesinas” in the company of a large inter-disciplinary group of professionals where we have an Architect to offer a unique and welcoming design, an Engineer to guarantee compliance with construction laws and provide security to its construction, a Commercial entrepreneur to collaborate with the management and marketing of these homes and a select group of people experienced with woods to guarantee excellent finishes to our final product.





 310 452 13 10 / madecogerencia@gmail.com